Why do People Train to Teach?

Why do People Train to Teach?

Why do People Train to Teach?

For teacher training providers, this question is pretty fundamental. The answers to it form the basis of every drive to recruit new teachers. While those involved in teacher training have always had a good idea of the answer, not least because many are teachers themselves, it can be hard to be exact. Fortunately, a recent survey by LKMco has revealed what the most popular reasons for going into teaching are, so Drunk Animal decided to examine them, along with providing a few promotional hints.

1: Making a difference to pupils’ lives – 93%

It’s probably unsurprising that this reason came top with almost 19 out of 20 of those asked choosing it. The opportunity to change a person’s life is a wonderful thing, and the opportunity to change the lives of many every day is greater still. It’s a major reason why lots of us outside the teaching profession respect teachers so much, and it’s obviously a big draw for many of those who choose to do it too.

2: I thought I’d be good at it – 93%

Let’s be honest, teaching is not an easy job. But for those people who are good at it, it can feel like something inside that is waiting to get out. Those people with the talent are out there waiting to be discovered by teacher trainers and their supporters, and it’s our job to help find them. We just need to let them know that we’re here and we want them.

3: Subject Interest – 91%

There are few professions that allow you to pick a subject that you enjoy and spend the majority of your working days discussing it with some of the most creative minds around. Perhaps that’s why subject interest is one of the biggest motivators for people to train to teach. So, don’t forget to focus on specific subjects you offer training in, as well as sending out more general messages.

4: Making a difference to society – 87%

Many of us want to make a significant difference to the world and the people around us. Because education is the foundation of any society, teaching is a great way to do this. Most people who want to teach for this reason, do it because they have social respect for teachers and what they do. Let them know that they could be one of these social builders and you’ll have another trainee.

5: Desire to work with young people – 86%

If the other four reasons weren’t so good, it would probably be surprising that the desire to work with young people and their exciting, fresh, energetic minds is so low down on the list. Narratives aren’t as important in engaging these people because visuals demonstrate the energy and enthusiasm of youth brilliantly.


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