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I’ve been writing since I was a teenager, although at the time I was too shy to tell anyone. Over the years I developed my style and grew in confidence, especially whilst studying History with Art History at the University of Hull, leading to the release of a self-published collection of weird tales in 2009.

It was then that my career path moved from campaign management into copywriting, enabling me to focus on a skill that thrives on experimentation and constant development.

As a Drunk Animal copywriter, I love getting to explore a variety of topics, from why teachers are superheroes, to the best wine to relax with after a day’s hard graft.


Classic FM and Fatboy Slim (my music preferences are very eclectic), spiced rum with a cigar (posh af, I know), sartorial style (I even wear a tie on weekends).


Spiders (the arachnids, not the iconic Hull club), rudeness (manners cost nothing), buffering during Netflix (am I right?)

Favourite marketing

I’ll never forget the series of Playstation 1 ads from the mid-90s. They were even madder than the Tango Man and the Pot Noodle Horn!

Favourite GIF

What animal would you love to be and why?

As for animals, I'm often referred to as a bear (half the time because I'm massive, the other half when I go to gay bars). However, if I can choose anything at all, I'll say a deer. I'd love to experience being nimble, graceful and majestic, plus I'd get to eat plants and acorns all day. Nom-nom-nom!