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Marketing Assistant

Originally from France, I first came to Hull in 2017 as part of my studies and I eventually decided to settle down here. Currently finishing a Master’s degree in advertising and marketing, with a background in business management, I assist the team in their research, and creative ideas. I believe that travelling, meeting new people and especially curiosity is the key to creativity. I enjoy every aspect of marketing and I am proud to be part of the warm-hearted, bold and Drunk…Animal team!


Jogging, bread, cheese and cars.


Mornings, mornings, mornings.

Favourite marketing

The Audi R8 Spin by BBH London, because I get chills every time Audi releases a new ad.

Favourite GIF

What animal would you love to be and why?

A Squirrel! So that I can sleep 15 hours a day and eat nuts the rest of the time.

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