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Graphic Designer

I’m an artist and designer, working on everything from running Hull Print Fair to painting gable ends!

As an artist, I am interested in pattern and print, with my decorative streak leading me into public realm work such as transforming a side of a house into a giant tiled doorstep, and other murals on Hessle Road and Bankside. I also love engaging others in creative activities, freelancing as a workshop facilitator and leading on participatory projects around the city as an artist and project manager.

My design work is mainly for cultural events and arts organisations, but I am looking forward to playing with more diverse briefs at Drunk Animal Creative Studio, in which I can bring my creativity to.


Figure skating, printmaking, children’s books


Tea and Coffee

Favourite design

The National Gallery Grand Tour campaign by London agency The Partners. To inspire new audiences, the gallery was advertised by hanging beautifully framed, exact replicas of their Old Masters on the streets of London, bringing art directly to the public and sparking intrigue.

Favourite GIF

What animal would you love to be and why?

Dalmatian. The best printed animal

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