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I’m a Latvian born, Hull-based photographer. I received my BA in Photography, which shaped my career in Hull three years ago. This is where my wonderful journey started with a dream of being an established and professional photographer. My portfolio is broad – Hull City Council, CHCP, CCG, Perimplum Theatre, Freedom Festival and Hull Comedy Festival.

I have worked with various marketing companies in Hull, Drunk Animal Creative Studios is thriving and getting the success they deserve and I am proud to be part of the team. I photograph everything that celebrates people and life – weddings, portraits, comedians, actors, festivals and I also volunteer for Dove House Hospice as a photographer when I get a chance.

In 2017 I was self-initiated Hull City of Culture photographer and wrote a weekly culture blog. I work on creative personal projects and currently shooting Illuminate Project Legacy with three other photographers


Coffee, deep sleep and power naps. I love travelling, so that is one of my hobbies that I wish I could spend more time on


Sly people and sweetcorn

Favourite marketing

2013 VW Beetle Convertible and VW Piano Fun Theory Piano Staircase 2009 – both are funny, engaging and makes the brand so much more appealing.

Favourite GIF

What animal would you love to be and why?

I have two - cat, because I would love to adapt the sleeping pattern they practice. Lama/Alpaca because both are sassy, funny and cute.