The translation of research outcomes into effective and engaging campaigns that deliver tangible results is a critical part of the creative process.

A marketing agency that approaches a project without understanding their customer, their target audiences and their competition is not doing an effective job.

With each project we invest time and resources to better understand our key demographics in order to shape more effective campaigns.

Additional ongoing research and development is undertaken across the Drunk Animal business landscape, from our software development arm (Appijo) through to our events and exhibition team.

This research helps us develop and deliver better services and more effective outcomes for our clients.

By continually learning and expanding our knowledge we are able to better serve our valued clients.


Research and development allows us as an agency to explore new ideas, maximise our creative output and better understand target markets. The best campaigns are grown from a fundamental understanding of the target audience.

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We approach each project as a new opportunity to do amazing things. Understanding how people react and interact with our campaigns is key to delivering consistent, high impact results. We never play it safe. We always aim top push the boundaries of what is possible with creative marketing. Be different, be strange, be amazing, be remembered

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