What happens when you mix Drunk Animals with Atom Beers?

What happens when you mix Drunk Animals with Atom Beers?

Why should you go drinking with neutrons? Because wherever they go,there’s no charge! Apologies, we’re having to make bad science jokes because all the good ones Argon ….

On a more serious note, we are thrilled to announce our recent partnership with science-focused brewery, Atom. Founded some seven years ago now, Atom combine their love of science, brewing and quality ingredients to offer a delectable selection of beers. 

We will be stocking up to ensure all meetings held in the bar (we’re Drunk Animals, after all…) can be enjoyed by our clients and prospects alike. If our profound marketing skills aren’t enough to get prospective clients on board then an Atom beer should definitely seal the deal!

With things back up and running to an *almost* normal standard, we are sure that together, DA and Atom will have exciting projects to focus on over the forthcoming months. Check out Atom’s delicious offerings / bar locations here: https://www.atombeers.com/

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