What Does Your Office Say About Your Business?

What Does Your Office Say About Your Business?

A lot, that’s what. So, before you invite your next client into your inner sanctum, have a read.

Minimalist and Functional

A minimalist office is often one where everything has its place and there is a place for everything. No office in-jokes or ancient, out of place information about faxing policy hanging from the walls here. White walls, metallic furniture and smooth, shiny surfaces are the order of the day, with comfortable yet geometric office chairs being the only concession to extravagance.

Your business knows how to get things done while shedding the extra admin, cost and general messing about. Do you have a lean operations policy? Thought so. Often used by intellectually oriented businesses, this type of office is a way of impressing clients with your functional, goal oriented nature. It says ‘we’re focused and we won’t be splashing your cash on anything other than your objectives’.

Bright and fun

Bright colours adorn the walls, furniture, and maybe even the floor, interrupted frequently by visually inspiring works of art and design, as well as the odd whiteboard. Interesting and fun geometric shapes ensure that there are no dull, square rooms here and offer plenty of interesting spaces in which to sit and bat ideas back and forth. The office environment manages to get everything in while retaining an elegant, exciting style.

Taking yourself seriously doesn’t have to be boring. Your business is as exhilarating as your office, and people who see where you work will want to come on board for the sheer fun of it. Whether your company is a creative one, or a cutting-edge ideational operation, your employees love coming to work and probably adore what they do. This is where clients come if they want real dedication and inventiveness that comes from the heart.

Vintage and classic

There’s more wood and leather in your office than a cowboy movie, and perhaps the odd overstuffed armchair too. The space harks back to the good old days when email was what postmen in Yorkshire delivered, Twitter was for the birds, and IM had an apostrophe in the middle of it. Perhaps there’s even a Beau desk lamp in there. However it looks, stepping into your office is like entering a time warp.

You’ve spent as long accumulating your expertise and skill, as you have your office furniture, and you maintain it with the same level of care. Whatever you encounter in business, you know how to find and hold on to the best of things, conserving what’s important while improving on what isn’t. Resourcefulness is a major advantage, and you have it in spades.

Old and worn

It’s easy and important to differentiate between this and the vintage look. Here there is none of the carefully conserved beauty of yesteryear, and all of the faded tackiness. Beige blinds hang loose and desks sit wonky, while chairs come apart at the seams.

The first impression is that of poverty and apathy. Either you don’t have the money to update your space, or you just don’t care. Both of these first impressions are fatal. A business without money suggests it might not be a very good one and one that doesn’t care … well, would you want to get involved?

Look around and if your business has any of this look, it’s time to update to one of the above styles, or perhaps a new one entirely.

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