We’re working with HBEES to help Hull businesses go greener.

We’re working with HBEES to help Hull businesses go greener.

But what is HBEES? We hear you ask. It stands for the Hull Business Energy Efficiency Scheme, led by Hull City Council and part-funded by the 2014 – 2020 European Regional Development Fund Programme.

HBEES is on a mission to contribute towards the City Plan’s aim of being a carbon neutral city by 2030 through offering a whole host of measures that will assist business in reducing their contribution to greenhouse gases. This will include the installation of new technologies, unlimited access to expertise and advice, as well as opportunities for grant funding of up to £10,000 to support SMEs in their investment in energy-saving equipment. 

We were so excited to get on board with this one, particularly due to the fact we’ve been working on a couple of important Climate Change-focused projects lately; The Shorelines Project being one that you may have seen already. 

To be able to create a new brand identity entirely from scratch for a scheme that champions such an important, relevant topic, is something we’re pretty proud of. The more we can do as a business to assist and even help our city become more environmentally sustainable – whether that be through educating and empowering people on the effects of Climate Change and flooding directly impacting Hull through The Shorelines Project, or supporting businesses in becoming more energy efficient with HBEES – then we know we’re using our creativity and talents as an agency to do something amazing for the good of not just our city, but our environment as a whole. 

HBEES website launches at the start of December, keep an 👁 out!

In the meantime, you can email BusinessEnergyEfficiencyScheme@hullcc.gov.uk for more information or message us directly via social media; @hbeesuk.

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