Top 3 Tech Tips to Enhance Your Marketing in 2018

Top 3 Tech Tips to Enhance Your Marketing in 2018

Whichever industry your business operates in, its success is dependent upon one that is ever-changing and full of surprises: marketing.

Each year brings new platforms and major shifts in the way that people engage with brands, with examples ranging from the birth of video marketing over a decade ago, to the recent rise of social media stories that tend to be more rough around the edges due to their fleeting nature.

In order to get the most from marketing tools, you need to understand not just what each one offers, but also whether it is relevant to your individual business. Drunk Animal is passionate about tailoring the right promotional solutions to each project, maximising impact whilst keeping costs within agreed budgets. Below are some marketing trends to look out for in 2018, which we can advise on if you need a little insider knowledge when deciding whether to adopt.

Make the most of personalisation

Whilst the ability to personalise email campaigns has been around for a while, many businesses don’t use it very well, or even at all. By taking the time to add data to your email lists (such as first and last names), you’re turning an existing resource into a powerful means of grabbing attention and sending leads down the sales funnel. This can be combined with A/B testing to really get the most out of every email campaign and significantly increase your conversion rate.

With more emails being sent than ever before, businesses need to be smart and put in the extra effort if they want their messages to be read and their calls to action followed.

Augmented reality reaches adulthood

AR has been popular with big brands for a few years, such as information being added to televised football matches, and interactive bus stop billboards popping up in major cities. Though many SMEs and organisations consider it prohibitively expensive or an unnecessary luxury, this is becoming less and less the case as small web developers become au fait with the tech.

Augmented reality can be used by all kinds of businesses to interact with prospective customers. From an estate agent offering 3D virtual tours around its properties, to a fashion website allowing visitors to upload a selfie and model clothing before buying, it really is worth thinking about how AR could engage your target audience on a deeper level.

Voice recognition is changing SEO

Thanks to voice recognition being available on smartphones, TVs, computers and even household devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, it’s estimated that 50% of searches will be done through voice by 2020. A consequence of this development is that your website’s keywords and copy could need tweaking to ensure that you don’t miss out on potential traffic.

Put simply, we speak differently to how we type. Most people would search for somewhere to eat by typing “restaurants Hull”, whereas when it comes to saying it out loud they’d most likely use a term such as “find me restaurants in Hull”. By taking into account long-term keywords, context, and microdata that caters for conversational queries, you can stay ahead of your competition when the technology takes a greater hold over how we search for information.

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