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The Orange Man

Age Unknown
Gender Unknown
Height 5.2ft - 8.9ft
Weight 140lb - 230lb
Skills Misdirection, showmanship, handing out business cards.

The Orange Man is a silent artist residing in Hull, frequently spotted around Hull city centre at events and venues. Not much is known about the origins of this individual, but eye-witnesses have described the man as very orange, deviously handsome, and inconceivably whimsical.

Last Known Location

Hull Street Food Night

Attending the Hull Street Food Night in June 2019, dressed from head to toe in orange and looming near 9ft tall, The Tall Woman was easily spotted amongst the other hungry attendees.

Known Aliases

The Tall Woman
The Illusionist
The Magician
The Hull'ian
Orange Wo-Man

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If you see The Orange Man

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