The launch of our new publication 88 Magazine

The launch of our new publication 88 Magazine

As a company we have spent the last week or so talking at length with friends and colleagues who run businesses, who are struggling and having to adapt to the current situation brought on by the Covid-19 virus. Some have already had to shut down, some are on the brink of shutting down, most are having to change how they do business to try and make things work. We’re right there with you.

It’s never been our style to sit back for too long, so we’ve gone in the opposite direction and created an opportunity. The team have spent this last week creating something we’re really proud of….. I’d like to introduce 88 Magazine.

Our new magazine platform will look at lifestyle, entertainment, business, music, art, education, health and fitness and will provide a platform for businesses to advertise their services. The initial issue will be digital only (because nobody can go out) but future issues will be available in print too.

If you think you’d benefit from some ad space for your new delivery offering or remote service (or regular business activities) as you make changes with your own business, drop us a message on the 88 Magazine Facebook Page ( and we’ll try to help you out. We have a huge network of friends and colleagues across a wide range of industries, each of which has been effected in one way or another. We would like to see as many of you get through this as possible.

88 Magazine brings a new focus to the traditional lifestyle magazine. A ‘digital first’ platform where local and regional people, businesses and communities come together through food, music, fashion, travel, entertainment & education. 88 is life.”

88 Magazine

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