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Unlocking creativity

It’s Mental Health Awareness week and we are lucky to have been involved in a few projects that promote how drawing can have a major influence on children’s ability to express themselves. […]

The Power of Love

Valentine’s Day is here again, and with it comes chocolate, red roses, Netflix & chill and a steamy night (if you’re lucky). Another staple of this time of year is sugarcoated adverts […]

Super Ads That Will Bowl You Over

The Super Bowl always comes with a host of awesome new ads from the world’s most famous brands. Over the decades we’ve seen everything from the release of the original Macintosh computer, […]

Cock-a-doodle-who! The Rooster Club Presents Genuinely Bespoke Networking Events

This month has seen the launch of The Rooster Club, our unique networking event that aims to create positive change in the city. The first installment was a relatively quiet one, inviting […]

How Can Social Media and Psychology Work Together?

Social media is a powerful platform that’s used for everything from running promotions and selling products, to growing an audience of like-minded advocates who come together to bring about real change. As […]

Reaching the Right Audience through Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is an interesting form of promotion that has been around in one guise or another for a while, yet has seen major changes in recent years due to modern digital […]

Hull Named 3rd Most Improved City to Live and Work

Despite being friendly, forward-thinking and a hub of creative ideas, Hull suffered from a bad rap for decades. Our city was considered everything from dull and dilapidated to dirty and depressing, usually […]

Marketing, it’s all about people.

I set up Drunk Animal with one aim… to develop interesting, exciting and engaging projects. In the beginning, I wasn’t particularly worried about what market these projects would fit into, or how […]

We’re On Course to Becoming Yorkshire’s Maritime City

With centuries of maritime history that ranges from whalers hunting for oil and blubber, to trawlermen catching delicious fish in their nets and Big Lil Bilocca starting national revolutions, Hull is finally […]

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Tips for a Lucrative Weekend

With everyone from Amazon and Game, to small retailers and even white-collar businesses getting on board for Black Friday (BF) and Cyber Monday (CM), physical and digital marketplaces are about to become […]