Specialist Teacher Training Marketing: Three Serious Answers for Three Serious Questions

Specialist Teacher Training Marketing: Three Serious Answers for Three Serious Questions

How do you, the client, know that we have what it takes?
Drunk Animal has specialised in marketing within the education and teacher training sector for over five years. In that time, we have worked with a large number of SCITTs, ITT providers and other teacher training related groups. We have worked with our clients using many methods, on many platforms, from digital and social media marketing to video production and radio advertising, to printed material creation and eye-catching graphic design. We know first-hand about the pressures that our clients are under, the targets they must hit, and most importantly, the motivational energy and drive that encourages trainees to want to teach in the first place, and keeps them on course throughout their training.

When we look for trainees, do we go for quality or quantity?
This is perhaps the most important question. Teacher training providers don’t just want a high volume of applicants, if those people are apathetic or uninterested in teaching or the training process, or if those people are unsuitable for a career in education. They want applicants who are motivated, talented and able to go the distance. After all, teaching isn’t for everyone.

There are many marketing companies out there who can proclaim an organisation’s message to large numbers of people. After all, that’s what we do. However, there are far fewer who can find the right people and connect with them in an effective way. There are fewer still who are experienced enough in the very specialised area of ‘recruitment marketing for teacher training’ to know who to look for and how to get those people truly interested in a particular training institution. In fact, we might go so far as to say there is only one such marketer.

In addition, our skill and experience mean that even though we will search for the exact qualities you want and need, we can still return a sizeable number of trainees.

How do we work with our education clients?
Don’t worry, we aren’t the type of company who will brush you off and apply a one size fits all method from a distance. We work according to the requirements and preferences of each client. We sit down with new clients in person and listen to where they are now and where they want to be; we aim to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their current promotional work, enabling us to reinforce and enhance it.

Once we understand our clients’ needs, we begin to carefully plan a bespoke strategy that will work for them; whether that is a little boost to increase intake, or a full re-brand of their teacher training provision. We coordinate with our clients every step of the way, managing the project to ensure that they get their desired outcome in terms of applicants and peripheral benefits.


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