Spec ads

We create content that is viewed, shared and liked by millions…in some cases, billions of people.

We have a track record of creating high impact, memorable content that cuts through the noise and hits the right note with audiences around the world.

From our Corona advertising campaign that was viewed by more than 1.5 million people in just 7 days to our launch of the world’s first paper wine bottle which reached a global audience of more than 2 billion, our content connects.

Corona - It's Almost Time To Come Out Of Hiding

We created this viral ad as the UK was about to come out of lockdown and counting down the days. A combination of perfect timing, simple messaging and a clever nod to the current situation caught people's imagination and over the next month this advert was shared and viewed more then 3 million times, with platforms around the world picking it up.

Created for the One Minute Briefs project, we actually missed the deadline with this one. Despite this it gained huge traction online.

Durex & Hobnobs Flavoured Condoms

This was a fun spec ad we created to play on some unlikely brand collaboration. It's the brand team up you never knew you needed....

Vans - Ride The Wall

This viral piece of out of home marketing was created as part of the brilliant One Minute Briefs project and was picked up by publications and blogs around the world.

The ad gained more than half a million views over the next few weeks as skaters and marketers fell in love with the concept.

Nandos - XX Hot Peri Peri Sauce

This viral spec ad was created for Nando's XX Hot Peri Peri Sauce. The flaming billboard, located in Glasgow, Scotland caught the attention of Nando's marketing teams and was viewed more then 100,000 in the week after we posted it online.

Clear Channel - Clear Advertising Boards

This concept was created for Clear Channel to celebrate the UK coming out of lockdown and celebrating #GreatOutdoors.

The clear billboard concept literally allows the viewer to see more of the great outdoors, rather then blocking their view with an advert.

Jaguar - A World Without Nature

Advert for Jaguar, created as part of the #WorldWithoutNature campaign where brands across the world removed the natural elements from their logos to highlight the vulnerability of nature.

We removed the iconic Jaguar and highlighted the 'heart' in the brands iconic tagline 'The Art Of Performance.

VW - Made For Adventure

Spec ad for VW Campervans - Made For Adventure.
Recreating the iconic logo from natural elements, water, branches and sand.