SMEs Need to Put More than 5% of Turnover into Marketing

SMEs Need to Put More than 5% of Turnover into Marketing

SMEs are known for spending relatively little on their marketing activity, averaging at anywhere between 2% and 5% of annual turnover. The reasons for this tend to be typical no matter what the nature of the SME – some see marketing as unnecessary expenditure, whilst others simply don’t understand the range of promotional options available. Regardless of the rationale, these businesses are missing out on very real opportunities to significantly expand their reach and grow their customer base through smart, innovative and fully bespoke marketing campaigns.

Brand awareness

If, like most businesses, yours is one that sells products or services that are already on the market, or you’ve launched your own versions, you need to cut through the noise and show people why your brand beats all the others. For those who are lucky enough to run a company that’s 100% unique and has no competitors, you need to clearly and effectively convey to the masses what your offering is and why they need it in their lives.

Both of these situations share the same approach – your business needs to be put in front of the right people at the right time in the right way. “Less is more” is very apt when it comes to marketing, as it’s far more valuable to get your messages in front of 1,000 people who are likely to buy rather than 10,000 people who won’t relate to the content. Achieving this can be hard work, so hiring an agency with specialist knowledge, tools and skills is a wise investment.

The digital age

It’s easy to think that the digital age has been around forever, yet it’s only a generation old. Go back just 25 years and barely anyone in the UK was using the internet, and when you take into account that social media and online shopping have only been popular for a decade or so, it becomes clear that we’re in the middle of a major transition.

From gifts and holidays to banking, utilities and legal services, most people do practically everything online. With computers constantly evolving and smartphones now the go-to platform for most transactions, SMEs need websites that are attractive, fast, reliable and designed for screens of all sizes. Whilst web design can be one of an SME’s largest purchases, the return on investment more than makes up for it very quickly.

The age-old box metaphor

Here at Drunk Animal, we don’t just think outside the box, we redesign the box! Whilst an SME may believe that professional marketing isn’t for them because they’re “too small”, they actually need it just as much as the large, longstanding companies. This is because, as an SME, you need to establish a brand that you can be proud of and which resonates with your audience. From your logo and printed materials, to your social media, copywriting, video content, events, signage and PR, everything needs to be clean, consistent and loyal to your ethos. Meanwhile, flexibility must be seamlessly integrated so that your branding and promotions can naturally develop alongside your business.

There are so many elements that need factoring into your marketing activity, so we redesign the box around your brand and create awesome campaigns that lead to clicks, enquiries, connections and sales.

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