We are calling on the city’s residents to open their WiFi access to neighbours in a bid to help the city’s young people continue their education, as the city moves into its third lockdown of the year.

According to the Office of National Statistics, five percent of UK households still do not have access to an internet connection. In Hull, a city where one in three children are living in poverty (DWP 2019), it is expected that this figure could be even greater. 

With the latest government guidance shutting schools for at least four weeks, Drunk Animal Creative Studio is encouraging the city’s residents and its businesses to share their WiFi passwords so that young people without a connection can borrow data to continue with their schooling at home. 

Calvin Innes, Creative Director and CEO at Drunk Animal said; 

“Coronavirus has affected people in lots of different ways and none more so than our young people. Students have now been out of the school environment for almost six months and while teachers are doing their utmost to continue schooling remotely, it’s not the same as being in a classroom. What’s more, it’s really difficult to spot the signs of a struggling student remotely, particularly if that student is self-teaching via workbooks at home.

Our new #sharethedata campaign kicks off today and we hope the city’s residents and businesses support it. Even if your data is used for people to keep in touch with friends and relatives, you’ll be contributing positively to their mental health, and that can only be a good thing.”

He added; “While the local authorities in the area have been fantastic at equipping students with the hardware needed to continue their studies at home, some students face real barriers when it comes to accessing the internet. In a city where one in three of our children live in poverty, we’re asking parents, in some instances, to choose between buying data to enable their child to study, or to put food on the table. 

“Why, in 2021, should people have to make that decision? We’re asking the city’s residents to spread a little data love by sharing their WiFi passwords with neighbours. By doing so you may be able to help a young person in your community carry on with their studies.”

Together, the city can get through Lockdown 3.0 – show your community spirit and share your data with those that need it most. 

To share your WiFi connection, simply pop a sign in your window using the hashtag #sharethedata to let your neighbours know you’re willing to share your password, or pop your WiFi password and router name onto a card and post it through their letterbox. Before doing so, to ensure everyone is safely using the internet, make sure you’ve added the necessary parental controls to your router before doing so. You can do this by visiting https://bit.ly/3nk5Drw

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