Salut Marie, comment ça va?

Salut Marie, comment ça va?

There’s a new hen clucking about our Drunk Animal Creative Studio office, so we’d love to find more about her and her background. Let’s meet Marie, our new Work Experience Apprentice.

Salut Marie, tell us a bit about your background

Hi, my name is Marie Canova and I’m from Lyon, France. I am currently in Hull for my Master’s (Advertising and Marketing) and I’ve been living here since 2017.  I chose to continue my studies in Hull because I was inspired by a Hull Uni lecturer, Peter Andrews, and he gave me the idea to continue studying Marketing and voilà, I’m here now 🙂 

What’s your impression on Drunk Animal Creative Studio?

Well, I first found out about Drunk Animal Creative Studio through a marketing talk that Calvin Innes gave and the talk was very inspirational. I loved the weird ideas Calvin discussed and we had a really engaging activity that allowed us to apply our ideas to a real-world scenario. I find Calvin and company really approachable and I felt comfortable talking to Calvin about my ideas. 

I am currently working with a few staff members on a number of really quirky projects. I am currently working on the Alternative Heritage project and the public’s submissions. I also am creating more ideas for the origami #RoosterChallenge as well.

So what are you looking to achieve, Marie? 

I would like to see some of my ideas implemented and also apply the theories I’m learning at university, to the real world. I also am looking forward to seeing the intricacies that come with creative processes, especially when it comes to a campaign or idea.

Welcome to the DACS Squad, Marie!


Odd fact: Marie is a mini-cooper loving French Hen!

Marie’s favorite campaign is the

Mini-Cooper’s ‘Stop Dreaming, Start Driving!’ that was big in France.

Merci Marie et bienvenue!

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