Remember, remember, the 5th of November…

Remember, remember, the 5th of November…

Much like most events this year, Bonfire Night is definitely not going to be the same. This hasn’t dulled our sparkle though, because we’re prepping the final edits to bring a different kind of flare with 88 Magazine’s 5th issue. We’ve had an absolute fire-cracking time pulling this one together!

88 Magazine was launched back in April to bring a new focus to the traditional lifestyle magazine. A ‘digital-first’ platform where local and regional people, businesses and communities come together through food, music, travel, entertainment and education. 88 is life. 

We were supposed to launch the fifth issue of 88 Magazine with an extra bang this November, by producing the very first print issue that would be available in a bunch of places across Hull and East Yorkshire. Instead, we thought that it was a bit too early to print the magazine, especially now we’re back in lockdown and of course the fact that it has been an incredibly difficult year for businesses. 

That doesn’t mean issue five hasn’t got it all though. We bagged a pretty BIG interview, talk about global issues, reviews and focus on championing local businesses, innovations and lockdown creations. 

Issue 5 – The World According to 88 Magazine – will be available on our dedicated website tomorrow! So grab yourself a brew and enjoy at your own leisure;

Whilst we’re still digital, we have no costs, and so we would like to offer free support to those that need it. So in true Bonfire Night fashion, spark up a conversation with us if you’re interested in promoting yourself in future issues. We’re here to help! 

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