Zany Races / Dude Where’s My Par


Princes Quay approached us to design a four-week long summer event to entertain and engage holiday shoppers. The event had to be eye-catching, imaginative, and most importantly, exciting. The Drunk Animal team had to assess how to make the most effective use of the large empty space on the ground floor of the shopping centre.

After many initial ideas, concept sketches, and far too much coffee, we decided to build a real life Wacky Races complete with props, go-karts, and winners podium.

On your marks. Get set. GO! In less than a month, artwork was created, supplies were ordered, go-karts were built (and thoroughly tested) and huge rubber mats were dragged in to place. Our build team worked through the night to assemble, decorate, and test the entire race track in less than 12 hours.

The following afternoon, the official opening of Zany Races was upon us, and excited racers lined up to be the first to compete in the pedal-powered competition. In the first week alone, hundreds of racers came along to zip around our track. With 12 karts to choose from, ranging from ages 6 and above (yes, even adults!) it was fun for the whole family.

Even the shops within Princes Quay got in the competitive spirit with head to head duels on the track to see who could complete the track the fastest!

Off the back of Zany Races, Princes Quay got back in touch to see if we could create something equally appealing for the new students that were about to move to the city to start their degrees.

The campaign needed to create an affinity with the students from the outset, highlight offers, savings, discounts, and student saving schemes available at the shopping centre and showcase everything the centre had to offer. The campaign was to end with a lively and interactive weekend event, which is where Drunk Animal came in.

The team kicked off by coming up with the most stereotypical student tropes and began planning on how to piece them all together. The outcome? A themed mini golf course. The nine-hole adventure allowed students to compete in groups of four and putt their way through fast-food, hangovers, notebooks and dating apps.

Our team put together the most insane street-style mini golf course, complete with bar and photo-ops, so students could play a round and get a round in on the way. We thought it was the perfect way to kick off the new academic year with a bang; golf with a twist.

From initial concept design to planning, build, and pre-event promotion, the Drunk Animal team took care of it all. As this was a public event, stringent health and safety processes were enforced throughout and the team carefully managed all promotional staff to ensure the safety of visitors at all times.

As a result of the activity, the Centre saw significant growth in online activity; Facebook reach grew by 16%, its website visits increased by 30% and our social content was viewed over 120,000 times!