Operating from a former fire- station in Hull city-centre, the Warren’s staff team offers free support, guidance, training, music, education and counselling services to young people aged 14-25 who are experiencing unemployment, homelessness, isolation, sexual abuse, physical abuse, drug-abuse, bullying, neglect, domestic violence, family-relationship breakdown, learning difficulties, racism and homophobia.

We worked with The Warren to develop a highly visual, responsive and flexible website that allows them to publicise the many aspects of their organisation, without becoming overly complicated.

For such a busy and active organisation it was vital to create a website that showed exactly what they do, but also allows them to cast focus over one or more specific areas as time passes.

To facilitate this we created a complex, yet simple to use grid system on the front page that allows individual images to be uploaded, or larger images that span multiple boxes.

“ For the past 30 years, The Warren Youth Project – an independent charity - has been providing vital support services to marginalised and vulnerable young people in Hull. ”