The Tree Fellas Hull

Website development project

After spotting a slew of competitors pop up, the Treefellas team came to us with a brief; to create a platform that not only looked great, but one that was built for optimal performance. 

We set about creating a site that brought the teams tree felling expertise to the fore, focusing less on the written detail and more on the visual embodiment of the team’s skills. 

Being a specialist service, tree felling businesses often rely heavily on copy to sell their services. The Treefellas team had spotted other companies lifting their information, so rather than give them more to play with, we decided to focus our site on photography, showcasing the team’s skills in a much more visual way. It also helped that they are a very photogenic team

We embedded SEO throughout and layered this with a content strategy and targeted PPC campaign. This integrated launch strategy helped us to establish the new website quickly, and delivered strong search ranking for the Treefellas brand.

Photography by Trash Panda Matt