Huddersfield Horizon came to us as a new teacher training provider, before a name was in place and before any branding or brand identity had been developed.

We worked closely with them to create a new identity that would stand out in a competitive market-place, would be easily recognisable and would reflect the two sides of teaching they wanted to convey, professionalism and fun.

We understood the importance from the outset to create a brand identity that would stand up against the competition but one that also showed the fun, the humour and the reality of teaching. Teaching takes a certain kind of person. It is hard work, but it’s hugely rewarding.

The logo we created is the ‘H’ of Huddersfield and Horizon, made up of various different triangular parts, like a folding children’s puzzle. The idea was to create a log that represents childhood and puzzles, with trainees having to navigate training and having to ‘solve’ the puzzle of becoming a teacher.

The ‘H’ is also made up of various different shaped and coloured parts that represent the range of different people, with different backgrounds, who train to become teachers.

To educate is to expand one’s horizon…

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“ Teaching takes a certain kind of person. It is hard work, but it's hugely rewarding. ”