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Frugalpac and Cantina Goccia called on Drunk Animal and Larkin PR to support it with its launch of an innovative new product, the Frugal Bottle. 

Made of 94% recycled paper with an internal pouch to hold the wine, the Frugal Bottle has some seriously impressive sustainability credentials. With a carbon footprint up to six times smaller than conventional glass bottles, the Frugal Bottle offers a long-term sustainable option for the beverage and bottling industry.

Unlike traditional PR launches, the client didn’t want to measure success on the volume of coverage secured; the launch needed to generate interest in the technology behind the bottle. In this instance, only genuine business enquiries mattered.

To bring to life the creative possibilities with the bottle, the team’s creative director, Calvin Innes, imagined and designed a range of bottles that brought to life the 360 degree artwork potential. These bold designs caught the attention of designers and fashion journalists alike, with Vivienne Westwood and Vogue Magazine, to name just a few, receiving a bespoke one-of-a-kind bottle. 

Our launch day featured media drops to influential journalists, wine experts and consumer lifestyle programmes. Within a matter of hours, news of the world’s first recycled paper bottle was causing waves among online influencers, prompting news outlets to follow and cover the story. 

The results were overwhelming. In little over four weeks, the team secured more than 1,000 pieces of media coverage, spanning more than 30 different countries, and reaching in excess of 1.9 billion people. 

The first Frugal Bottles available to consumers, filled with wine from the Italian vineyard Cantina Goccia, sold out globally within a week. 

Most importantly, Frugalpac, makers of the Frugal Bottle, received in excess of 700 genuine business enquiries following the launch; supermarket chains wanting to explore the technology for other product ranges, myriad investors wanting to invest in the company and most importantly, hundreds of enquiries from beverage owners around the world wanting to explore the use of the paper bottle technology for their own bottling requirements.