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Siemens Plastic Wind Turbine

The Brief:

We were asked to create an installation for Siemens to illustrate their ongoing efforts to reduce plastic waste and tackle plastic use in the production process and on site. The installation would form part of an internal messaging project for Siemens staff and their families in the run up to Christmas 2018.

Our Approach:

We designed and created a 25ft tall replica of the offshore wind turbines created by Siemens, built from waste materials collected from the site. A combination of wood and plastic was used to construct the turbine, which included hand crafted blades, each made from 28 individually created pieces to replicate the exact curvature of the real blades. Thousands of individual pieces of plastic waste were used to create the structure, which at a distance had the silhouette of a real turbine, while up close expressed visually the use of plastic and the ongoing efforts to reduce this waste.

Additional details and design elements created a wavelike base, which grew up from the floor to create the more visually appealing art installation. The Drunk Animal team spent three weeks at the Drunk Animal Incubator creating the piece, and installed the structure on the Siemens site, early in the morning on the day of the event in order to ensure it was in place before guests began arriving.

The Results:

The towering 25ft structure created an impressive talking point and photo opportunity and was used as a backdrop for a speaker to discuss plastic waste and recycling.



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