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Jupiter IT


Jupiter IT approached us with an interest in revamping their online presence. They felt their current website didn’t sell who they were and tasked us with redesigning and rebuilding their website. We sat down with Jupiter, got to know the team, and then set to work.


We took a look at their current content, taking text from their website, brochures, and other media and ran it through our copywriter. He revamped the content so that it came across more friendly, and less clinical.

We scheduled for our photographer to go down and take portraits of the Jupiter IT team for use on the website. Once she had captured their best side, she then cropped and colour corrected the best images, and sent them to us for use on the website.

Whilst all this was underway, we also set about creating wireframes for the website. We printed out a number of styles and took them down to the Jupiter head office for them to gander over, giving us a great opportunity to get their first impressions and immediate feedback. We then started the processing of styling full-colour concept designs for each page.

Once the designs had been signed off by the client, our developer set to creating a custom WordPress theme using a local development environment, basing the styles on the wireframes and design concepts that we provided for Jupiter.

We soon had a development link to send the client, allowing them to see the structure of the website and allowing them to provide feedback as the rest of the development progressed.


Jupiter now have a fully customised WordPress theme powering their website. They’re able to amend the content using WordPress’s powerful content management system without needing any web development experience.