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Hull Street Food Nights


Hull Bid approached us to provide entertainment and additional brand presence to their existing Hull Street Food Nights across Spring 2019.

The agreed deliverables which we proposed were:


Experiential entertainers roaming the market site and surrounding streets.

Branded Rickshaw

Rebranding of our company rickshaw and providing a uniformed driver to transport visitors from Hull Interchange to Trinity Square.


Branded uniforms for promoters and entertainers to create a consistent and recognisable look across the diverse event staff.


Design and print of photoboards used by staff to engage with visitors, to increase brand presence and create content for social media through photos.



Drunk Animal approached the task creatively and cleverly to maximise engagement within the constraints of a limited budget.


All of the additional design assets for the event, intended to increase the presence Hull Street Food Night’s brand across the site, served a second purpose of engagement. Photoboards were designed to be held by willing participants, creating photographic content for social media, spreading awareness of the event online. This was accompanied by general print promotion, handed out by uniformed staff to visitors. The newly designed uniforms allowed a cohesive look across both support staff and the more elaborate promoters, such as stilt-walkers. Our very own rickshaw was rebranded using vinyl stickers which resulted in moving and extremely visible promotion, whilst offering free transportation between the station and the event to encourage new audiences.


We provided interactive entertainers placed in Trinity House Lane and Whitefriargate locations creating pockets of audiences. Each entertainer was multi-skilled, making the most of their allocated time by allowing them to transition between activities. Our magicians, firebreathers and stiltwalkers mixed and mingled with guests, posing for photos and kept the atmosphere on a high, naturally turning heads and thus becoming a central point for discussion.

Social Media

Drunk Animal Creative Studio developed an online presence for Hull Street Food Nights by delivering a multi-platform campaign that connected with local audiences and vendors. We specifically targeted the region in order to increase event awareness and promote the entertainment. The campaign utilised DACS’ own Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn platforms for promotion and connected with audiences through a range of social media strategies including posts, live video, interviews, blogs and more.

Over 12,000 impressions were made and over 180 likes were achieved for all platforms on the first night alone. There was constant coverage on all platforms, including Instagram and Facebook stories, and over 70% engagement with other local businesses, including The Lexington and Trinity Market.


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