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Hull SCITT Public Classrooms

As part of the ongoing promotion of Hull SCITT (School Centred Initial Teacher Training) we were tasked with creating a marketing event to gain media coverage and additional exposure. We created an event that would engage the public and allow people to see teachers in action through a series of ‘Public Classrooms – open air classrooms, hosted by real teachers and with real students. These classrooms were set up in areas of the city centre where there was a heavy footfall, and the public were actively encourage to take part.

By seeing exciting, inspirational and passionate teachers in action we allowed the public to see how modern teachers work. While many people’s opinions of school are based on their own, less than positive, experiences, we wanted to show how schools and the teaching profession has changed. In turn this allowed potential candidates for the teacher training course to picture themselves in the profession. We placed additional people at each site to distribute flyers and information as well as encourage expressions of interest and sign-ups to interview for the teacher training course. The events also provided a perfect opportunity for local media to cover the action, with plenty of valuable exposure on local radio and in local newspapers.

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