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Hull Clearing Campaign 2019


Drunk Animal were tasked with creating a high impact disruptive campaign that connected with students. Our team came up with an approach that was in your face, and deliberately controversial, ensuring that we secured significant coverage on social media and across all local media platforms. The temporary graffiti campaign was designed to ruffle feathers and secure TV, radio, and press coverage. We did just that, connecting with thousands of people across Bradford, Hull, and the surrounding areas – specifically our target audience of potential students.


Our approach was to get the message out that Hull is a great place for students, not just for their education, but also for their wallets! Did you know that the average monthly rent of a 1-bed city-centre flat in Hull is over £1,100 cheaper per month than London? That’s a lot of extra money for activities!

We branded up our fleet of Rickshaws and ad-bikes and set to work recruiting willing people to spend an afternoon riding around city centres. We also had a flock of students armed with an assortment of flyers ready to wander the streets and get the word out. And if that wasn’t enough, we also designed, printed, and distributed a number of a-boards in high footfall areas as well.

It wouldn’t be a Drunk Animal campaign without a little guerilla marketing thrown in there, so we also set about using some eco-friendly and temporary chalk spray paint to decorate the paths of Bradford and Hull with the bright pink and white branding of the campaign.

Wanting to top last years VW Camper Van and Beetle, we also had a full-size double-decker bus with an integrated video screen down one side too!