Restart Productions, a Yorkshire based film production company, approached us to generate hype around the launch of their debut short film, ‘Home’.

‘Home’ is a take on modern slavery, telling the harrowing story of a Romanian farmhand who claims to be held captive. The short film included prolific actors such Ian Beattie from ‘Game of Thrones’, Lily Aslandogdu from ‘A Monster Calls’, and Daniel Mihai who had a supporting role in the Netflix series ‘The Crown’.


We took a look at their current branding and came up with a campaign based around a flock of origami butterflies inspired by the Restart Productions’ logo. The butterflies would be used to promote the company, the film, and could also be unfolded to reveal an invitation to a screening event.

The whole Drunk Animal team got involved with the folding and the office was soon teeming with hundreds of paper butterflies, covering almost every available surface, desk, and table!

We got in touch with local venues and set up three screenings to take place between July and August. The first venue was a private invite-only screening at C4Di. The second screening was a public event at Thieving Harrys on Humber Street, and the final venue was a ticketed event at Bonus Arena, which also included a VIP after-screening interview with the cast and producers.

Posters were printed, invites were sent out, a website went up, butterflies were carefully placed in and around the city, and we were soon hosting the first screening.


The screenings were a big hit and the number of attendees, for an independent production company of this size, did not disappoint. Since then, ‘Home’ has also been shortlisted for the Long Story Shorts Award at the International Film Festival in Romania.

“ Intelligent, passionate and innovative. Just some of the many words I'd use to describe the team at Drunk Animal. So many standout individuals yet together they make a flawless team. ”
~ Benjamin Harris, Restart Productions