In 2018, the British Science Festival team approached Drunk Animal to support them in devising a prestigious VIP dinner to launch the event to key influencers in the city. The brief was simple; the dinner needed to represent everything that the festival stood for; innovation, technology and science.

Drunk Animal got to work, putting innovation at the heart of the concept. The city had never previously played host to the British Science Festival, so we knew we had to create something really special… and that’s exactly what we did.

Kicking off with a choice of venue, the team chose the University of Hull, known for its expertise in science and innovation as the location for the prestigious event. Taking technology as our theme, we identified the best local technology partners to bring the night to life and to showcase what Hull had to offer the science community.

The team carefully choreographed every element of the night, working in partnership with the venue catering team. This enabled us to feature robotic bartenders and waiters throughout the event which provided guests with drinks and hors d’oeuvres throughout the night and created a talking-point. Guests were able to interact with the robots, making them a huge hit on the night.

To further bring technology to life on the night, we curated projections and lighting installations that featured the history of robotics, as well as screens exhibiting AI created poetry.

Every element was carefully controlled by the Drunk Animal team and was designed to spark discussion and add an element of fun to the evening. The robot greeting guests at the door, the robotic table centrepieces solving Rubik’s Cubes and the futuristic semi-transparent table name cards all combined to create an unforgettable night for the assembled guests.

The evening served as the culmination to a hectic and exciting week where we worked with a number of well known brands to bring the science behind their products to life. Our team conceived, designed and delivered installations for RB, Durex, Scholl and Gaviscon throughout the week, engaging with thousands of visitors of all ages.

Our ‘History of Sex’ installation for Durex at the Ferens Art Gallery drew huge crowds and presented the topics of safe sex and sexual health in a fun, engaging and accessible way. Our ‘Scholl Footwalk’ created an interactive experience between the city’s famous submarinium The Deep and the popular shopping area of the Fruit Market. More than 300 floor vinyls were applied on a 900 meter walk, as well as Selfie Boards and Foot Care Stations. We even created an interactive ‘Foot-File Grand Prix’ where visitors could race electric foot files along a custom built track. Our Gaviscon Gameshow stand in Hull’s popular Trinity Market allowed visitors to experience walking on Gaviscon and getting hands on with fun experiments and interactive games.