Drunk Animal Presents

Origami Rooster Challenge

So what is it?

Since it’s origins in the 6th Century, origami has delighted and challenged children and adults alike.Who doesn’t love an exercise in craft and patience which results in a new creature from a simple sheet of paper? Here at Drunk Animal we use our imagination to create and invent everyday, and wanted to challenge everyone to join us!

We challenge the public of Hull to try their hands at origami by sculpting our favourite animal - the rooster - from a humble orange paper square. Visit one of the venues below to pick up our instruction sheet and take part in the Rooster Challenge.

Exciting! Where can I take this challenge?

A number of venues across Hull have decided to help us host this challenge and have got all the necessary equipment (instructions and origami paper) you'll need to take part in this prestigious task.

Use the interactive map below to see all the locations!

Urg! Can't I just do it at home?

Of course you can! Just use the button below to download a PDF copy of the folding instructions and get cracking! Be sure to send us a picture of your creation once you're done!

Download  (1.64MB pdf)

I did it! Now what?

Congratulations! We never said it’d be easy...

Show off your origami masterpiece across all social media channels using:


Our favourite submissions will come home to roost in our hall of fame below!