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OnlyFans, a new marketing opportunity for brave brands?

OnlyFans, a new marketing opportunity for brave brands?

As an agency that focuses on disruption and creating high impact content that leaves a lasting impression, keeping an eye on emerging platforms and opportunities is pretty important to us. The digital landscape is ever changing and identifying new openings where campaigns can be delivered effectively is key to staying ahead of the game. 

One such opening can be found on the platform OnlyFans. OnlyFans is the social platform that has revolutionised creator and fan connections. The site, which in it’s own words is inclusive of artists and content creators from all genres and allows them to monetize their content while developing authentic relationships with their fanbase.

Of course, OnlyFans has received a huge amount of publicity in recent months, in particular for the rapid growth of adult content published behind a paywall. The recent announcement stating that the site would restrict adult content was quickly reversed after backlash from the growing user base around the world.

Revenue at the UK-based company grew by 553% in 2020, and users spent £1.7 billion ($2.36 billion) on the site, a seven-fold increase, the Financial Times reported. The site now has a user base of more than 120 million people.

The platform is not only an opportunity for adult entertainers and celebrities to monetise their content, it provides a fascinating opportunity for brands to advertise in a way that has previously been unavailable in such an accessible or legitimate way. The potential for influencer marketing opportunities is hard to ignore when millions of dedicated fans already pay for premium content on the platform.

It’s fair to say that a decent amount of our own campaign concepts and ideas push things just a little too far for mainstream audiences, but platforms such as OnlyFans grant brave marketers an opportunity to push things to daring new places. It’s an old adage that ‘sex sells’ but it’s a truth that effective marketers would be remis to ignore. Used in the right way, sex is a hugely effective marketing tool. Potentially controversial, certainly divisive, but undoubtedly effective.

Over the last 18 months Only Fans has not only seen growth in personal user accounts, it has also seen a number of US companies create accounts with an eye on marketing opportunities. It’s only a matter of time until more businesses around the world embrace the platform as a non traditional opportunity to reach their audiences. There are obvious opportunities for businesses providing sex toys, adult entertainment products and lingerie, to create content that directly connects with their target audiences. Then there are the less obvious opportunities, but perhaps it is these that are the most intriguing.

For brands across all industries that have a brave approach and are willing to push boundaries, creating adult content as a marketing tool could be an interesting prospect. It won’t be right for everyone by any means, but for those where it’s a fit, it’s an exciting opportunity.

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