Omnichannel marketing is vital

Omnichannel marketing is vital

Hubspot defines the omnichannel experience as “the ability to deliver a seamless and consistent experience across channels, while factoring in the different devices that consumers are using to interact with your business”. 

In a crowded online marketplace, it is vital for brands to inject their unique brand identities and voices into every communication channel that they make use of. Whether that’s in their brick-and-mortar store, on social media, a website or app, the whole user experience needs to feel familiar to the customer, regardless. 

An omnichannel marketing strategy is different from a multi-channel approach because with multi-channel, the user has access to a variety of communication options that aren’t necessarily synchronized or connected in any way. With an omnichannel experience on the other hand, not only does the brand make use of the multiple channels at their disposal, but they’re all connected creating a seamless, transitional and non-stop experience. 

All omnichannel experiences use multiple channels, not all multichannel experiences are omnichannel.

Offering customers more digital touch points and a greater user experience is key to stand out above competitors in a world dominated by technology.

Hubspot collated a bunch of brilliant omnichannel experiences, and we picked our favourites from their list. Be inspired… 


Down to the smallest details, Disney gets omnichannel marketing exactly right. Starting on the mobile-responsive website to book a trip, users then go on a journey before the plane has even taken off. From there, you head to the My Disney Experience tool to plan everything from where you’ll dine to your Fast Pass. The magic of Disney meant they didn’t stop there though, and take it one step further. Their Magic Band Program acts as a hotel room key, photo storage and food ordering when you finally arrive at your Disney Destination. Another example of how Artificial Intelligence is sneaking into so many different aspects of brands marketing activities. 

Virgin Atlantic 

Virgin’s omnichannel customer service experience is a perfect example of a brand personalising the experience they give each and every customer. Virgin is seen as a brand that leads the way in many aspects of this kind of marketing but this example is perfect to show how channels and employees working together seamlessly is what gets the recognition. The customer didn’t just get palmed off to ring the customer service number and get placed on hold for hours, but instead, the representative reached out to him directly through each different marketing channel; providing the ultimate personal touch. 


Much like most coffee shops, Starbucks gives free reward cards to their coffee-loving customers. However, unlike traditional customer loyalty programs, Starbucks have really pushed the boat out and made it possible to check and reload your card via phone, website, in-store and on the app. Any change gets updated across all channels, in real-time. So no matter where you are, coffee rewards are always just a click away.


We love how Timberland has created a connective customer experience in their brick-and-mortar locations by utilizing another AI technology – near-field communication. 

Shoppers are encouraged to tap their mobile device against a chip which then wirelessly transfers information between the two. They create a pretty contactless experience (perfect for social distancing regulations at the moment!) whereby customers don’t have to seek our store clerks, but can instead get all of the information they need for each product with just one push of a button.

Personalisation software takes this one step further, and as shoppers look up different items, product suggestions can be made. Don’t you just love technology?

There’s a few to take a look at, but there’s so many out there worth having a look at! From sports brands to beauty brands, and everything in between, take a look at the likes of Ikea, Nike or even Benefit. Whilst you’re inspired by their creativity and how much you enjoy scrolling through their different platforms, have a think about how you can incorporate this technique into your own marketing strategy for 2021. 

What’s more, we can help 😉 

Do you have a project you want to discuss for the New Year? Fancy getting those creative juices flowing and start bouncing some ideas around for how you can create your own omnichannel experience? You  know where we are! 

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