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Could a 4-Day Working Week Help the Environment?

Whilst the vast majority of people work a five-day week, many of us dream about reducing this to four days. This isn’t necessarily due to wanting to work less, but rather the […]

SMEs Need to Put More than 5% of Turnover into Marketing

SMEs are known for spending relatively little on their marketing activity, averaging at anywhere between 2% and 5% of annual turnover. The reasons for this tend to be typical no matter what […]

The Future of Phones is Foldable

Technology moves so quickly that we get used to new developments even quicker. For many, it’s hard to remember a world without social media and streamed entertainment, and for particularly tech-savvy people […]

We Always Have Festival Fever!

When it comes to event management and creative installations, we do cool s#!@ Our motto is “don’t just think outside the box, redesign the box”, so we invest hours of research, strategy […]

How are VR and AR Evolving?

Virtual reality and augmented reality are receiving a lot of attention and major investment. with each update making this rapidly growing technology more available to a mainstream audience. We’ve taken a look […]

Why is Instagram Trialling Hidden Likes?

Everyone who’s on social media wants their content to be liked by others. Whether it’s close friends or complete strangers, receiving a like from them is a feel-good experience that for many […]

Boots Gives Plastic Bags the Boot

The last few years have seen major movements in regards to environmental sustainability, ranging from David Attenborough’s stirring call to arms, to the national plastic bag charge that took effect in October […]

A Chat With Matt Walton, Chair of Pride in Hull

Pride in Hull isn’t just an incredible celebration that makes the city proud, it’s actually the largest LGBT+ event in all of Yorkshire. We caught up with Matt Walton, Chair of the […]

Remote Control Explores the Humber Through Photography

We were invited to the launch of a brilliant exhibition by Remote Control Humber, a photography mentorship and networking project that unites people within the region who have an interest in capturing […]

The Best and the Worst of Pride Campaigns

With the 50th anniversary of Pride Month and World Pride behind us, and Pride in Hull taking place this weekend, we thought that we could give you a little tour of what […]