Microsoft Search: What It Is and Why It’s Awesome

Microsoft Search: What It Is and Why It’s Awesome

Microsoft is everywhere. Even if you’re a Mac user, chances are you use some Microsoft products, at least now and then. The megacorporation that owns Windows, Office, Bing, LinkedIn, Skype, Hotmail, Yammer and many other online tools has been incredibly busy since it was founded in 1975, with its current endeavour being a biggie that will transform the way we access information across platforms.


It takes the form of Microsoft overhauling its search experience by combining the power of Bing with the type of results you’d find in Windows applications. For instance, the newly developed system allows you to search for commands, app features, files and personalised results from inside the application, thereby aiding workflow and enhancing productivity.


By designing a single search feature that works across documents, emails, websites and contacts, Microsoft is delivering something that we’ve all wanted for a very long time: a smarter, more intuitive digital experience that answers questions, offers insight and gives you true power over your tasks.


Integrating throughout Word, Outlook, SharePoint, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams, and Hotmail across desktop, mobile and web, Microsoft Search introduces a new generation of search bar powered by artificial intelligence. Thanks to it being combined with Microsoft Graph, you will also receive personalised search results from across your organisation, making it easy to find, access and share files in a fraction of the time that we’re used to.


This smart search bar will be found everywhere, from Windows 10 and Office, to Bing, Edge and many other platforms, enabling a “unified search mission” that is smooth, proactive and instantly familiar. Look out for it and let the team at Drunk Animal know what you think by starting a conversation with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


P.S. That’s not the only exciting thing going on at Microsoft at the moment. Another interesting development is an agreement with, which means that businesses could soon appear across the Bing network of services, including Maps and Cortana. With Bing being the default search engine for Windows, this could have a large positive impact on small businesses being seen by searchers, so make sure to check that your listing is live and up to date.



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