Videographer and filmmaker

I’ve had an interest in video since a young age when I used to sneak out my dad’s VHS Camcorder to make skateboard videos, complete with a Linkin Park soundtrack. Since then I’ve graduated from university with a degree in Film Making & Creative Media Design and gone on to direct two films as well as an array of music videos and mini-docs.

The variety of work that comes through the door at Drunk Animal is incredibly exciting, and I find the pioneering attitude of the team as a whole very inspiring. Drunk Animal is the type of company that many businesses aspire to be, but few reach and I’m very proud to be a part of it.

Outside of video, I have a very deep passion with music and I love creating it as much as I enjoy listening to it. I’m also an avid podcast listener, especially while cooking some extravagant meal that, while not guaranteed to taste good, will definitely be one of a kind. I also enjoy getting involved in the local community and going to a multitude of events around the city.