I’ve been working in design and marketing for 18 years and have collaborated with hundreds of companies from all around the world (including the likes of Sony, Nestle, RSPB, Cadbury’s), advancing brands, designing advertising campaigns and developing print and digital designs. I regularly speak at business events around the UK, specifically on brand development and modern, interactive marketing techniques.

I’m a published author and (award-winning) illustrator with over 30 books to my name. My ethos has always been, ‘if it can be drawn on, it probably should be drawn on’. While this didn’t go down too well during my youth, it sparked a diverse artistic career spanning children’s book illustration, concept art development, comic book illustration, toy design, large-scale mural painting and even tattoo art.

My creative versatility has enabled me to work with some of the world’s most recognisable brands and deliver interactive drawing workshops for schools across the UK. These workshops help children to embrace their inner creativity, express their ideas and imagination through art, and most of all, have fun through drawing. This formed the basis for my recent Ted Talk.

As CEO and Creative Director of Drunk Animal, I formed this company with the intention of establishing a marketing agency that was creative, fun, daring to be different and unafraid of ruffling feathers. My role is to find projects that are interesting and creatively challenging. Often the initial concept for a design or campaign will originate through me, with the wider team then delivering on each individual aspect to bring the project to life.

I massively enjoy witnessing ideas (that I dreamt up at 3am whilst sat at my drawing board) manifest and be realised in full scale. I find it incredibly rewarding.