Make Your Content as Unique as Your Business

Make Your Content as Unique as Your Business

Only a few years back, the majority of websites tended to take one of two approaches: add a bit of basic info and hope that people get in touch, or write endless essays on services, thinking that this is the best way to rustle up interest. Needless to say, neither works very well at all, especially as Google and other search engines continue to demand content to be of an exceptionally high standard in terms of structure, wording, readability and impact.

The thing with written content is that it really needs to pop. If it rambles on, uses too many technical terms or doesn’t have a clear call to action, there’s very little point in creating it in the first place. Not only will this be wasting the visitor’s time, but it’s also a fruitless investment on your part.

Instead, have a think about why you’re writing a piece of content, whether it’s a webpage, blog post, downloadable resource or anything else. What is its function, which communication style should it take, is it clear, and does it reflect your brand whilst offering something useful – these are all key questions to ask yourself before tippy-tapping away at the old keyboard.

We know what you’re thinking – your brand is awesome, your products and services are the best, and everyone should choose you over the competition. Fair play, we respect that. But how does the customer know that this is true? Saying you’re first-rate is just hot air without conviction, integrity and, perhaps most importantly, some kind of evidence. The next time you make a bold claim, try to include a fact, a statistic or a link to other content that backs it up. A short testimonial from a customer or visual examples of your work will do wonders for gaining trust, so don’t squander this opportunity to showcase your abilities and experience.

For example, if we were to talk about our design services, it makes perfect sense to direct you to our eye-catching illustrations for Browse Magazine, or the French fold flyer we created for ENRG’s sponsorship of the Humber Street Sesh Market. Likewise, the website we developed for Teach North West and the promotional materials for the Quentin Blake Exhibition clearly demonstrate the versatility and creative spirit of Drunk Animal.

Whilst we hope that you take this on board, it’s also essential that you keep on changing. What works for a website today may not be the case a year down the line, so stay on top of how people engage with content and make sure that your business blasts the competition out of the water. You know that you deliver strong work and can help new and existing customers to thrive, so invite them to become part of your journey and always explain how it will benefit them on an individual level.

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