Leicester Secondary SCITT – Marketing Teacher Training…

Leicester Secondary SCITT – Marketing Teacher Training…

Over the last 18 months Drunk Animal has worked with SCITTs (Schools Centred Initial Teacher Training), teacher training groups, universities and education groups to create effective branding and develop marketing material that works. For many of these groups something that works means something that attracts and encourages new recruits to sign up to their programme.

Recently we have been working closely with Leicester SCITT and their team to develop new brochures, to be used as part of an ongoing campaign to recruit trainees to their Initial Teacher Training courses. As with all of our projects this one began with us developing an understanding of Leicester SCITT, their aims, their target audiences and aspects such as their geographic location, the people behind the SCITT and their resources. By meeting with each of our clients in person to discuss and brainstorm projects we are able to deliver better results.

Once we had a clear understanding of Leicester SCITTs aims, and target markets the design process could begin. Our team of designers have considerable experience in the education and teacher training fields, so we got to work on a series of new, modern, exciting and ‘people-focused’ designs. Establishing the Leicester Secondary SCITT brand while focusing on past and current trainees was a vital part of the design process and led the majority of what we came up with. Bold, clear, modern and informative designs followed.

You can find out more about Leicester Secondary SCITT at: leicestershiresecondaryscitt.org

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