John Lewis Give a Little Love

John Lewis Give a Little Love

So it’s almost Christmas, depending on who you are you may have decorations up already. But regardless of whether your tree is up or you’re screaming bah-humbug, we can all agree that there are a few things that remind us all of Christmas.

The first being the Christmas adverts. 

Between the Coca-Cola truck blessing our screens to John Lewis making us cry each year, you know Christmas is a-comin’ when you hear people talk about ‘the ad’. For us, they’re one of the best parts in the build up to christmas. 

(ps. Have you heard the news? The Coca Cola truck won’t be visiting cities this year 😢)

This year has been a little difficult, with Coronavirus and lockdown – filming adverts was unlikely to be on the top of anyone’s priority list. John Lewis however, brought some Christmas joy to the least joyful of situations. This year John Lewis has done it again, bringing us the half realistic, half animated, heartwarming advert “Give a Little Love”. 

It starts in a field, with a young boy and a ball stuck in a tree. A little girl sends a heart shaped umbrella into the air to knock the ball down, when it hits the ground they have become claymation style figures. As the advert goes on we see that little boy help a melting snowman by blowing up a heart shaped snow balloon, the snowman then helps a snow couple change their flat tyre by making a snow love heart to replace it. The entire advert comes around, full circle. Showing that one act of kindness can start an avalanche of kind acts. 

The theme of giving love is prominent now more than ever, going into a second lockdown with everyone feeling low and deflated, sending love to your closest friends and family could not be more important.

Aldi have also brought out a heartwarming advert, featuring their mascot – Kevin the Carrot. The advert this year plays on Christmas films, namely when a character gets lost just before Christmas, only to be reunited with their family, just in the nick of time. This advert also features good old Santa Claus, who helps Kevin get back to his Carrot family. 

Amazon has also jumped in this year with their own advert. This shows a young ballerina getting ready for a show, only for it to be cancelled. Her family, friends and neighbours all join together to help the show go on. 

The running theme in all adverts this Christmas is very obviously, togetherness. Without being kind and coming together over the last few months, (and indeed, the next few), life would be very lonely and difficult. 

Small acts of kindness, like the ones shown in these festive ads, can really make someone’s day a little bit brighter. So this Christmas, why not forego the usual gift and instead, give a little bit of kindness? 

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