Is IGTV Reshaping How We View Content?

Is IGTV Reshaping How We View Content?

With over a billion users across the world, Instagram really has stolen our hearts over the last few years. More importantly, the platform is fast becoming the main source of video content, boasting an 80% year-on-year increase for profile vids alongside 400 million temporary Stories posted daily.

A pretty recent development to Instagram’s offering is IGTV, which launched in late June 2018. Acting as a standalone app, it enables users to upload vertical videos (a format once seen as amateurish yet now very popular due to the smartphone) up to 10 minutes long, or a full hour if you’re verified or super popular. Viewers can then watch this content in the IGTV app or through Instagram itself.

Many are saying that IGTV could soon rival YouTube, despite the latter’s new subscription-based YouTube Premium that offers exclusive content, the ability to save videos for offline viewing and an ad-free experience. Having witnessed IG knock Snapchat out of the spotlight when it copied its Stories feature to much larger applause, it wouldn’t be surprising if this fresh platform soon becomes the go-to place for videos by individuals and brands alike.

So aside from the return of the vertical video and a potential shift in our allegiances, what does IGTV mean and how will it change things? Here are a few thoughts…

More professional video content
With the ability to upload a 10-minute video and up to an hour if you’re particularly popular, IGTV opens up opportunities for different types of content. The current maximum of 60 seconds is quite constrictive, and though users get around this by posting consecutive Stories that tell a longer narrative, an official platform for meatier content will bring with it brand storytelling, insightful Q&As, product demos and much more.

The onus is on creativity and voice
For the time being, there’s no advertising opportunity on IGTV. Whilst that’s awesome in itself, this also means that companies must focus on creating quality content that will enhance brand reach and customer interaction. We anticipate plenty of eye-opening DIY tutorials, visual showcases and interesting behind-the-scenes activity from a variety of businesses.

Training can finally embrace digital to the full
When someone starts a new job, chances are they require some kind of welcome, orientation and training in order to get to grips with their role. Digital delivery of this has been around for a while, but until now it’s lacked an effective platform. With IGTV, staff can quickly and easily access important training information at home, in the workplace and even whilst on the move.

Events can be experienced from anywhere
Live streaming tools such as webcasting, Facebook Live and Instagram Stories are an invaluable way to engage viewers near and far. With IGTV, companies can take this to the next level and significantly increase their brand reach. Whilst business events come with multiple barriers that can include ticket price, venue capacity and the environmental impact of travelling there in the first place, a video allows people who are not in attendance to still experience the activities and be part of the buzz.

Is it worth it?
With IGTV videos viewable in the Instagram app as well, it sounds like there are no cons to this exciting platform. However, if we were to be super critical, our only question would be whether a longer format is actually required. With people’s attention spans being so fleeting, there’s a high likelihood that many longer videos won’t be watched to the end. Anyone who creates content will appreciate that messages should be digested as a whole, so if people are disengaging halfway through, you need to start making more concise content.
Still, this is a minor criticism and we’re confident that IGTV will bring all kinds of incredible content for us all to enjoy, including innovative activity from the team at Drunk Animal Creative Studio.

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