Hull SCITT Bikes

Hull SCITT Bikes


Drunk Animal have been working with Hull SCITT (School Centred Initial Teacher Training) for the last several months. As part of an ongoing campaign designed to raise awareness of the brand, and attract new recruits to the teacher training courses we launched a fun idea, with a few re-claimed bikes, a little spray paint and some printed all weather boards.

A simple but effective idea that adds a splash of colour to the street, attracts a lot of attention and lets people clearly see contact details and information on the SCITT. The bikes have appeared at various locations around Hull with many people making it their mission to spot them all. Recently we have taken this idea further by initiating social media competitions, asking the public to find, photograph and share images of the bikes to win prizes.

Over the next few months we have plans to put the bikes into more locations, at venues and at events, both in Hull and beyond as a cost effective and high impact way of further raising the profile of Hull SCITT.

Hull SCITT – School Centred Initial Teacher Training

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