Getting Drunk on Science

Getting Drunk on Science

Getting Drunk on Science

It’s been an incredibly busy few weeks at Drunk Animal Creative Studio, as the entire team has been working all hours to deliver exciting events and installations for the British Science Festival.

This year’s festival took place in numerous venues across Hull, with two of our clients, RB and the University of Hull, being Principal Partners. This was an awesome opportunity for us to showcase what we can create and manage as part of a massive collaborative project, which included all kinds of activity. Spoiler alert: Expect game shows, robot waiters and lots of condoms in an art gallery.

Dare you take the Gaviscon Challenge?

Tasked with creating something that would be interactive and engaging for the Gaviscon brand, we designed a unique stand that took the approach of a game show. One area involved a pool filled with water and corn starch and invited people to walk across its surprisingly sturdy surface. Named the Gaviscon Challenge, this reflected the consistency and reaction that the antacid has in the human body, with countless adults and children getting involved.

This was combined with a countertop scale with sliding magnetic arrows, inviting people to test different foods and discover their pH value. Meanwhile, a myth-busting game asked visitors to vote on numerous facts and fallacies about Gaviscon. Presented by a superb actor from Middle Child theatre company, the event was great fun for all the family and a real eye-opener, with scientific experimentation and discovery at its core.

Complemented by fantastic fire breathers from Innovation Entertainment to represent Gaviscon’s ability to neutralise heartburn, as well as branded bikes that transported people to the event hub at Trinity Market (including a few guys from Viking FM), we can rightfully say that this activity inspired some fast-acting and long-lasting conversations.

Condoms in the Ferens

This event for Durex was a massive undertaking, as there were endless restrictions due to it being based in the Ferens Art Gallery. We also had to stay true to the Durex brand identity and ensure that people were receiving the right messages.

To achieve this, our teams made a quirky and interactive Durex Room that celebrated the fun of sex whilst educating people in how to stay safe. Highlights of the evening were a video booth showing how condoms are made, a bed installation that would make Tracey Emin jealous, a selfie board where you become a wriggly sperm, plus a load of other activities such as a quiz, an STI chart with funny characters, and even a challenge to see how quickly you can put a condom on a rubber pork sword (one woman in particular should be in the Guinness World Records).

Step to it!

Scholl is another household brand in our portfolio, with tons of footwear and foot care products that keep you on your toes. In order to lead people directly to the action, we placed over 1,200 branded vinyl footsteps between The Deep and Humber Street.

When people arrived at specific points of the trail, they were greeted by foot stations with comfy seating and bean bags where they could take a load off. Whilst there, they grabbed a pen and wrote on a giant board about what they liked and disliked about their feet, plus what types of products they’d like to see Scholl develop. This took focus groups to a whole new level.

Other major parts of the installation were a large Foot File Grand Prix and a foot therapist who had set up in a temporarily rebranded Beal Homes office. With large TV screens and relaxing treatments, it’s no wonder that visitors spent so much time there.

And for those who didn’t have time to stop, we still managed to draw them into some brand engagement through special pavement zones. These included areas where you could only dance, hop, skip or moonwalk, which made for some hilarious selfie-taking. Needless to say, there were also heaps of freebies for giving your tootsies a little Scholl TLC.

Everyone loved our drinks droids

Meanwhile, at the University of Hull, we helped to make the British Science Festival Dinner one that will be remembered forevermore. Once attendees had perused our display for RB Heritage, which turned old Dettol packaging and advertising into a mini museum, floor timeline and wall projections, it was time to assemble for a dinner like no other.

The guests included MPs, key figures in the scientific community and national business leaders, who were all amazed by our robot waiters and bartenders. Whilst enjoying drinks specially brewed for the event by Atom Beers, they were also treated to poetry created by artificial intelligence systems and a visual history of robotics. Asimov ain’t got nothing on us!

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