FreeArtHull A Social, Creative Movement

FreeArtHull A Social, Creative Movement

Our day to day work at Drunk Animal means that we meet a huge number of creative people working across a mix of different disciplines. Illustrators, graphic designers, painters, digital artists, sculptors… all frequent the Drunk Animal offices on a regular basis as we work on equally diverse creative projects.

It’s a love for creativity and art that led us, over a few after work drinks, to come up with the idea of trying to start a social movement in Hull. Something that was not for profit in any way, but was just a way of getting as many people involved in something that would benefit as many people as possible. After a few more beers, and much debate over art and culture, plenty of which we disagreed on, we did all come to an agreement on one thing. For many people, for whatever reason, art is something they feel is not easily accessible. This led to us thinking about ways of making art more accessible to the general public on a daily basis. This in turn led to us creating the #FreeArtHull movement.

We decided to kick things off, right then and there by reaching for our pens and sketchbooks, scribbling down some illustrations and leaving them in the bar we had frequented that evening. Each illustration had a note attached.. ‘To you, please enjoy this piece of free art. If you feel someone else may enjoy it more then please pass it on. Creativity is everywhere. #FreeartHull’
And with those simple scribbles a movement was born.

Since the movement began we have seen more and more artists, musicians and creative people from across Hull (or with links to Hull) get involved. Over 200 pieces of art have been placed around the city for people to find, take away (for free) and enjoy. We have been on BBC radio Humberside to talk about the movement and we staged a week long art hunt in collaboration with the Hull Daily Mail who featured the movement heavily across a number of pages. We have provided art for the Pride In Hull Festival, pieces have been places at Humber Street Sesh and at dozens of places all over the city. The #FreeArtHull hash-tag has been used thousands of times to let people know where pieces of art can be found, or have been found, to promote free art and music events and to celebrate creativity in the city. The success of the movement is down to the people who put in their time and effort to create art, and give it away for others to enjoy. #FreeArtHull is nothing without the artists.

Not ones to sit back we are working on the next stage of #FreeArtHull with the aim of involving even more artists from the city and celebrating even more fantastic Hull art.

What is FreeArtHull?

#FreeArtHull is a way of getting art and creativity out to more people. It’s really that simple. Paintings, sketches, street art, canvases, prints, originals or copies. It may even be an original line from a song or a piece of poetry. It’s all about sharing art and creativity with the people of Hull. Work may be a ten second doodle, or it may be much larger, more complex pieces. There are no rules. Artists can remain anonymous, or they can sign their work and use it as a way of promoting their portfolio or show. It’s up to the individual. The hope is that more and more people become involved, creating, sharing, displaying or passing on the pieces they find to those who will enjoy them.

There are amazing, creative people all across the city producing fantastic work. People often struggle to publicize, and in turn people often struggle to find this work. Another aim of the #FreeArtHull movement is to make finding art easier. By tagging any free exhibitions or shows with the #FreeArtHull hash-hag on social media it will also allow people to more easily find these shows.

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