Drunk Animal Re-Branding

Drunk Animal Re-Branding

Drunk Animal has been working with clients all over the country, as well as a few from further afield, helping them to create, develop and market their brands to the world. We have enjoyed quite a bit of success and have been fortunate to build up a client base that enjoys and benefits from our personal and creative approach. We have helped brands secure media exposure, cement themselves with existing clients and secure new clients to allow their businesses to grow. In all of this time we have been working under our own brand that was developed one sunny weekend a few years ago, over some drinks and sketch-pads.

The Drunk Animal branding, like the name has always been deliberately quirky and a little ‘out there’. For a long time this has served a valuable purpose, in displaying our unique company to potential clients. Over the years however we have been planning a change behind the scenes. In many ways the Drunk Animal branding said too much. Our market research showed us that our branding suggested to the public that we, as a company ONLY produce off-the-wall, quirky designs and marketing solutions. While this is clearly an important part of what we do, we as designers are aware that the correct hat has to fit the correct head, so to speak. While odd, quirky (and sometimes downright strange) ideas are perfect for some, for other clients a more measured, classic or stylish approach is essential. It’s all about delivering the right solutions to the individual client.

This realisation led us to develop the new look Drunk Animal branding. A slick, modern approach that retains the classic and recognisable Drunk Animal Orange, but softens the overall look and feel of the brand. Our new branding is beautifully simple, stripped back and elegant. While the ‘DA Link’ logo remains from the old design (all be it as a simplified outline), everything else has changed. Black lettering has been replaced with a more subtle grey and while orange on black formed much of the old identity, orange on white forms the new, clean look. The fonts we use have also changed and now favour a more simple, modern look.

Our website and social media presence has changed too. Gone are the overly complex illustrations and designs on every page. These have instead been replaced by simple, minimalist designs that along with our tagline say what we do, and nothing more. We imagine, we create, we innovate.

The new look and feel to Drunk Animal allows us to do something that is vitally important to us. It allows us to showcase our work, without distraction. It allows our clients design projects to sing.

Welcome to a new era of Drunk Animal Design & Marketing.

Imagine . Create . Innovate

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