Drunk Animal Creative Studio Review 2019

Drunk Animal Creative Studio Review 2019

As we near the end of 2019 it’s time to reflect on another busy year at Drunk Animal Creative Studio. 

It has been, by far, our most eventful and exciting year so far as we’ve moved, grown, branched out and stretched our creative legs with an array of different projects. We’re now firmly settled in our new home, two vast 1930’s warehouse, sitting side by side in the heart of Hull’s Wincolmlee area. Being surrounded by fabricators, manufacturers and tradespeople is a big change from our former home in the city center, where our neighbours were cocktail bars and restaurants, but it’s a change that has proved to be a hugely positive one.

The move came at a time of change for the company, after restructuring our team in order to service larger clients and more ambitious projects effectively. We brought on a new build team lead to head up event builds and installations and we brought everything under one roof, rather than working across three separate locations. Being able to create projects on site from the initial brainstorming through to testing and prototyping, all the way through to the full manufacturing and finishing of art installations and exhibition stands has been a major step change.

2019 also saw another big change with the launch of our sister company, Big Pink Fish. The new arm of the company, with its focus purely on education design and marketing opened its doors over in Manchester and has already begun to build a strong reputation in a highly competitive market. The decision to effectively split the education arm of the company away from the Hull base wasn’t one that was taken lightly, but after months of planning we took the leap and haven’t looked back.

From a creative point of view, this year has been incredible. We’ve been able to design, produce and manage some fantastic projects, from a cartoon themed go-kart track summer activity, to helping launch a new beard care brand, to creating a replica Star Wars spaceship interior and building an intricate enchanted forest Christmas installation. We’ve helped launch a charity song for Mission Christmas in partnership with Bonus Arena, we’ve developed branding for a Yorkshire icon in Hotham’s Gin, we’ve run a launch campaign for a film looking at modern slavery and we’ve built a junkyard golf course. The projects have always come thick and fast and, I’m proud to say, we have always delivered.

Over the past few years we have built a reputation for creating high impact campaigns and installations and this year we’ve been able to show that more than a few times. Personally, I’m seriously proud of the team and the work they have all done. There is a lot of confidence and excitement about next year as we look to go bigger, and shout even louder. I’m excited that we have begun to work closely with several other agencies and businesses, partnering up to deliver high impact marketing activities. I’m excited to continue providing consultancy work for businesses looking to grow and develop effective strategies of their own. Most of all, I’m excited to see what opportunities 2020 brings and how the team delivers…


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