Digital PR

We don’t just do PR, we do PR that makes you Purr! Putting your brand voice at the heart of your strategy, we will come up with the big ideas that become unmissable, unstoppable, memorable campaigns.

Digital PR That Purrs

Digital PR is an online marketing strategy used by businesses and brands to increase their online presence. A great Digital PR strategy will result in wider brand recognition, more website or landing page traffic and a larger social following.

Digital PR is used as one of the key SEO and link building tactics to help brands rank organically online for their keywords. It’s used as a way to position a brand as an expert in their field, adds authority and has measurable, tangible results. Great digital PR relies on great content, and great strategy. Combine the two and beautiful things happen.

Organic Social Media

We analyse audiences and develop social media strategies that ensure our content is seen by the right people. We create original content, monitor online conversations, track trends and movements in various industries and react to drive traffic and engagement. Our strategies deliver real results, but that’s not all. We track and monitor each account we look after, shaping our social campaigns continually to maximise connections and engagement.

Social media works hand in hand with Digital PR, increasing brand awareness, driving traffic and generating engagement.

PPC & Ad-Words

We get to know your business, industry and customers, to create targeted strategies that produce instant, traceable ROI.

Pay Per Click advertising is one of the best and quickest ways to get relevant and motivated traffic to your website. As a fully integrated PPC agency, we use our knowledge of paid search marketing to develop and implement campaigns that help our clients achieve their sales and brand awareness goals, working across a number of platforms and incorporating a wider creative approach.

Content Writing

We write content that connects. SEO focussed, creative content that delivers messaging in the right way, to the right people, at the right time.

Great content can engage with an audience, drive engagement and deliver results. We create copy that makes people purr... whether that's journalists, bloggers or audiences.

Influencer Marketing

We build meaningful relationships between companies and relevant people in their field to drive growth and deliver trackable results. We empower brands to be seen at scale across digital platforms; driving growth and telling stories that build human connections. Influencer marketing isn’t always about celebrities posing on a beach with your product (although that’s important too), it’s about working with real people who have influence in your particular niche to build your brand and to grow your network.