DA Recording Studio: On Air

DA Recording Studio: On Air

Over the last nine months, the listenership of podcasts has skyrocketed – some 7.1 million people in the UK tune into podcasts on a weekly basis helping it to become more mainstream than ever before. 

Add that to the fact that one in five homes in the UK now own one or more smart speakers and you have a new captive audience that can be of benefit to businesses; podcast content is no longer the ‘nice to have’; if you want your marketing to reach a wide range of customers, it has to be integral. 

Like us, the majority of businesses have had to set up at home and found they have had the downtime to review and rethink their content strategies during lockdown. What that has meant, is that more organisations have taken the steps to tap into the ever-expanding podcast audience, where in a pre-pandemic landscape, they would have not had the time, resources or even the consideration for it in some cases. 

To avoid FOMO, in true Drunk Animal fashion, we reacted quickly and built our very own recording studio. Making the most of an empty office whilst others were peacefully working from home, Matty got straight to work in creating us a cosy, soundproofed studio, kitted out with state-of-the-art recording equipment. 

We may be known in the region for our disruptive marketing techniques and immersive experiences, but our wider skill set should not be overlooked. We’ve used the past few months to our advantage in order to hone our digital offerings and build our reputation in other areas we know we’re pretty amazing at too. From virtual events to online training, websites, video and crisis management, we’re the full package. Our recording studio will further support in the delivery of these creative services, providing clients (and ourselves of course) with another outlet for their brand voice. 

Research has found that 27% of weekly podcast listeners discovered new brands through Podcast advertising, whilst over half of these listeners say they found them relevant and took action straight off of the back of listening to one. What’s more, with the ability to be highly targeted through platforms such as Digital Audio Exchange (DAX), this re-emerging channel might just help businesses to unlock new markets. 

From TV commercial and promo video voice overs, to in-game announcers and gameplay video ads for those game developers out there, online training and remote event space, as well as our very own Podcast Channel (coming soon), this recording studio will enable us to be so much more… bold, brave and LOUD. 

With the revamp of our YouTube Channel being worked on behind the scenes as well, it looks like we’re going to be living in there! 

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