Change is coming to Hull

Change is coming to Hull

We partnered up with Rights : Community : Action to deliver a large scale, 18 month art and activism project that will allow us to talk honestly and openly with communities about flooding and the future. 

Thinking outside of the box is what we do best here at Drunk Animal. So when it came to partnering up with Rights : Community : Action for a project about climate change, flooding and our future, we knew we needed to approach this very serious, very real, city-wide issue in a unique, engaging way. We needed to capture the attention of the Hull people in a way they’ve never experienced before, especially when it comes to such an impactful topic. 

2013 Storm Surge. Credit: Katie Woolhouse

Rather than throwing a bunch of overwhelming statistics at our target audience, we knew we had to think on a much deeper, more personal level. Sometimes, when people can’t visualise an issue, it’s much easier for them to turn a blind eye and not change their approach to it. 

This is why we have brought art to the forefront of The Shorelines Project. Why art? Not least because we’re pretty good at it, but because imagination is key to our future. If you can’t imagine and visualise the future, then how can you possibly feel prepared for it? 

The Shorelines Project’s main aim is to empower the people of Hull to demand better planning when it comes to flood prevention – the sea is rising as the world’s climate is changing and Hull is not prepared for it. 

Hull is going to be directly impacted by this and could be underwater sooner than we think, our city being changed forever. We know what you’re thinking, before starting this project, we couldn’t quite envision it either. But if you take a walk along the marina in Hull, can you imagine the utter devastation a rise in the water level by 1.5 metres will have on the city? If we don’t radically change our behaviours, that new water level will be here 2100. 

Canoeists take advantage of the 2007 floods in Beverley. Credit: Hull Daily Mail

Our artistic approach for The Shorelines Project will be articulated through a series of epic murals which will start coming to life from Sunday 11th October 2020. The first mural is being designed and installed by our very own Calvin Innes and artist Andy Pea, and will come alive on the side of Hull College over the course of a week (11th – 16th October). Named ‘The Girl’, the piece has been designed to illustrate the struggle of life underwater and is described as ‘haunting’ and ‘emotive’. Intended to divide opinion, spark debate and to encourage communities across the city to get involved in the climate change debate, each location that follows has been handpicked specifically because they’re situated along the shoreline most at risk in our city. 

We have made it easy for everyone to get involved in The Shorelines Project. From suggesting mural locations and sharing your stories, to starting conversations with your community, using your local business to spread awareness and supporting the cause across social media channels, we urge everyone to get involved and take action. 

Calvin caught with BBC Radio Humberside this morning at Hull College, the site for the first mural. It is huge! The crazy thing is, it’s actually one of the smallest spaces out of the series of mural locations we have lined up. Mind. Blown 🤯. We couldn’t be more excited to start seeing these impressive pieces of art come alive!

Calvin will be prepping this huge space for painting ‘The Girl’ on Sunday.
Hull College, George Street.
“It will be the biggest community arts project ever delivered in the city and we want our community to be proud of it for years to come” – Calvin Innes on The Shorelines Project | CEO and Creative Director at Drunk Animal | Local Artist

Visit to find out more. 

Follow The Shorelines Project on social media for live updates and unveilings of the murals which are being brought to you from artists all over the world. Keep your eyes peeled. 

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